Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chuck Norris.. (From another Blog)

I found this little article on one of the Blogs I was going through. It’s about Chuck Norris. If you don’t know Chuck Norris, you can replace Chuck Norris with Rajnikanth. It makes equal sense.

•    Chuck Norris doesn’t need a gun because he can reach the enemy faster
•    Chuck Norris won the San Francisco marathon. He started in New York.
•    Chuck Norris was delivered via C-Section. He performed it himself
•    Chuck Norris pops bubble wrap with his gun
•    Chuck Norris is not above the Law. He is the Law
•    When Chuck Norris wants ice, he makes it hail
•    Baby Chuck Norris didn’t eat Gerber mashed foods. He crushed his own apples
•    Chuck Norris never used braces. He straightened his teeth with his tongue
•    Chuck Norris uses a lawn mower to shave

•    Chuck Norris will tell you if the oven is hot enough by touching it
•    If nothing can move faster than light how do you explain Chuck Norris’ guns coming out of holster
•    Chuck Norris doesn’t like to handle diamonds because he keeps accidentally crushing them
•    Chuck Norris can impregnate a woman on a long distance phone call
•    To calm down Chuck Norris when he was a toddler, his mom used to play The Sopranos
•    When Chuck Norris wants a mobile phone, he carries around a cell tower
•    Chuck Norris doesn’t need a gun because he can throw the bullets faster
•    Snake bite is a common cause of death near Chuck Norris’ house. He bites a lot of snakes
•    In their wilderness survival classes, Mountain lions learn how to identify Chuck Norris
•    When Chuck Norris walks into a bar and says “The usual”, bartender shoots a bunch of people

Courtesy: www.twisted-dna.com
Check out http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/ you will like it...

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