Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some Double Meaning Website Names

Site: (Foul-mouthed British kids?)

Is really: (Clothes for tykes)

Site: (A huge steaming pile?)
Is really: (Oldie songs -- now abandoned)

Site: (Damn: Am I really gone?!)
Is really: (Funeral home run by the Amigone Family)

Site: (I'm comfortable with my butt?)
Is really: (Okan Japanese restaurant in San Diego, United States)

Site: (Kid lovers in the Carolinas?)
Is really: (Carolana Pediatric Dentistry -- which has changed its name to Triangle Pediatric Dentistry, at! Yeah, really!)

Site: (For all your butt hat needs?)
Is really: ("As Seen on TV" stuff)

Site: (B&D site?)
Is really: (Spanish tourism site)

Site: (Appreciation for dames who swing both ways?)
Is really: (Big Al's Bowling Alleys -- one in Vancouver, and one in Beaverton)

Site: (The worst case of sick building syndrome?)
Is really: (The high-rise Hugh O'Neill built)

Site: (Buy a little blue pill?)
Was really: (Long-established graphics site, abandoned because of Viagra)

Site: (I thought the French demanded good food?)
Is really: (French scrapbooking site)


Site: (Stick your buns together?)
Is really: (Diaper rash ointment)

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