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FACT:TAIPEI 101 is now the 2'nd tallest in the world.

DSBA (Dorin Stefan Bureau of Architecture) from Romania with joint Participant Mihai Bogdan Craciun from USA, wins first prize for the international competition for +300m TOWER IN TAIWAN.
2nd prize go to Cook Robotham Architectural from UK
3rd prize go to Irma Maria Coello Munoz from Spain
5 Honorable mentions went to: Pablo Gil Martinez (Spain), Nicolas Laisne (France), Spatial Practice (Switzerland), CYS. ASDO (R.O.C) and Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Viena (Austria)
One First Prize: NT$ 4,000,000(Approximately US$ 130,000)
One Second Prize: NT$ 2,000,000(Approximately US$ 65,000)
One Third Prize: NT$ 500,000(Approximately US$ 16,000)
Five Honorable Mentions: NT$ 100,000(Approximately US$ 3,200) for each
Ten Merit Awards: Certificate of Award

Rendering © DSBA 
To commemorate the centennial anniversary of the founding of Taiwan, R.O.C. and celebrate the merger between Taichung County and Taichung City, the government ofTaiwan, R.O.C. will erect “Taiwan Tower” as an important landmark in the new special municipality. Here, visitors will be treated to a panorama view of the park, the city and the natural surroundings. The new landmark will also help visitors and residents orient themselves as Taichung makes the leap to become a world-class metropolis.

Rendering © DSBA
Taiwan Tower is to be located at the southern tip of Central Park, which is part of the former Taichung (Shuinan) Airport site, Taichung city. It will become a vista at the southern end of a major boulevard. Measuring approximately one hectare, the site is situated across from the Economic and Trade Park to the north. The project will comprise of Taiwan Tower and the Museum of Taichung City Development.

Rendering © DSBA
Though not aiming to compete in height with other towers of the world, in principle the observatory of Taiwan Tower should provide visitors with a view of the Taiwan Strait. The height is planned to be at least 300 meters. In addition, the site context and local architectural character should be integrated with 21st-Century building technology to symbolize the new Taiwan spirit. Taiwan Tower should also answer its call for environment responsibility and adopt the use of alternative energy. In implementing the government’s policies in energy conservation and carbon reduction, Taiwan Tower will act as a model of green building for the 21st century.

Rendering © DSBA
Dorin’s design was selected out of 237 entries from 25 countries. Besides winning the chance to design the tower, he also won a prize of four million Taiwan dollars (125,000 US dollars).The tower will have an observation deck, a restaurant and office space.

Rendering © DSBA
Construction is scheduled to begin in 2012 and last two years, according to the Taichung city government, which is financing the project.

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