Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google is now Topeka: Google's lame attempt at April Fools Day 2010

It's official. Google has changed its name to "Topeka" effective April 1, 2010. That's, of course, is according to the official Google blog and it's their way of saying, "April Fools" to anyone who is a big enough sucker to believe that Google would change its name to anything, including Topeka.

Google is really stretching it this year. Known for their fairly funny April Fool's Day pranks, this one is disappointing. Posted on the official Google blog by =Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Topeka Inc., it lacked the gusto of a good April Fool's Day joke.

The Google-Topeka blog wasn't convincing:

"A change this dramatic won’t happen without consequences, perhaps even some disruptions. Here are a few of the thorny issues that we hope everyone in the broader Topeka community will bear in mind as we begin one of the most important transitions in our company’s history:

Correspondence to both our corporate headquarters and offices around the world should now be addressed to Topeka Inc., but otherwise can be addressed normally.

Google employees once known as “Googlers” should now be referred to as either “Topekers” or “Topekans,” depending on the result of a board meeting that’s ongoing at this hour. Whatever the outcome, the conclusion is clear: we aren’t in Google anymore....."

There were better Google April Fool's Day pranks in prior years.

Here's the link

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